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Miễn phí vận chuyển cho đơn hàng từ 1.100.000 VND thông tin chi tiết Nhập mã NEWCUS5% giảm 5% cho khách hàng mới
Miễn phí vận chuyển cho đơn hàng từ 1.100.000 VND thông tin chi tiết Nhập mã NEWCUS5% giảm 5% cho khách hàng mới

for professionals


For people who seeking to upgrade their skin salon businesses and for those who are looking at leveraging in this lucrative industry. Check-out how why Dermalogica is your brand of choice to support and drive your business to your dream future

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The The need to change for success

Many of the change impacting our industry have been led by technology and by the current economic climate.

Today it's vital to all businesses that we adapt to changes to survive...

Be the strongest to survive.Find out how to become the most adaptable to enjoy how to change for the better!

Dermalogica IS POSITION as an expert brand to provide the salon with credibility and the go to expert for the solution rather than from youtube star, influencer, and tiktok. Not just because we love skin and are obsessed with results, we are trained, skilled & LICENSED you to get results to your customers.
Brand awareness, consumer demands, and consumer endorsement are the more significant changes that will revolutionize your business …

4 fundamental strategies the right partner can help you to change and be successful.

  • 1.Attract New Client

  • 2.Retain clients through more frequent visit

  • 3.Increase average sale

  • 4.Increase gross profit margin

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Customers are looking for instant & tangible results.

Dermalogica positioning as an expert product ensures accurate prescription by trained and certified therapists with a comprehensive logical and systematic approach to provide instant tangible results.

Dermalogica Expert line up giving you the leading edge in treatment results?

Fully customizable to a different level on intensity and strength for the instant and visible results.

image of dermalogica regimen
image of dermalogica regimen

With the advent of technology, the salon is empowered not just with expert products but also incorporating the power of technology to increase product efficacy to provide instant and tangible results to change and drive your business to a better future.

Dermalogica Expert Brand Tool to Drive your business

image of dermalogica regimen

Thank you for allowing us to take you on this journey
to help Salons to in Vietnam grow their business in this new challenging business era to deliver success to support “local” businesses. Make your commitment-free appointment with our certified Business Coach!!!